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Blood in My Eyes - Photographs of Bob Dylan by Ana Maria Velez Wood    Photographs of Bob Dylan

Photographs by Ana María Vélez Wood

25.10.12 - 08.11.12

33 Parkgate Rd, Battersea,
London SW11 4NP.

Private View
Tuesday 30th October: 6:00 – 8.30pm

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When photographer Ana María Vélez Wood received an early morning phone call from friend and Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart in 1993, she was not expecting the invitation to photograph the filming of Bob Dylan’s video: Blood In My Eyes. This was an opportunity that Ana María could not turn down and the resulting hundred plus images will now, with the kind permission of Dylan, his Personal Manager and Dave Stewart, finally be revealed in a stunning exhibition this October at Testbed1 gallery and project space in Battersea.

A handful of the photographs from this session are already well known – Dylan himself chose one of Ana Maria’s images that became the cover for the World Gone Wrong Album – and other photographs have appeared on the "Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg Series Vol. 8" compilation, as well as the cover for the 2010 landmark book “Bob Dylan by Greil Marcus - Writings 1968-2010”.

However, the majority of these photographs have never been seen outside of Ana María’s studio. The images taken at London’s Camden Lock during the filming of Dylan’s famous version of the song, will present audiences with an exclusive new insight into the musician’s diverse history. Ana María brings the image to the forefront by printing the photography in vivid colour - unlike the original video’s black and white style. She employs a diverse range of materials: glass, metal, silk, all of which will be seen amongst other experimental ideas from this highly perceptive photographer.

Brought to life in the industrial gallery setting of Testbed1, the exhibition will prove to be an atmospheric reminiscence of Dylan’s return to traditional folk during the early 90s, and the day of filming which ensued from one such track. The history behind these photographs shows through in the rich quality of image and hints at a potential plethora of anecdotes and stories from that day of filming.

Ana María’s enduring passion and skill for photography combined with her career in dance and music, which saw her working with such musicians as Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music, Tim Finn of Split Enz, Dave Stewart of Spiritual Cowboys, The Eurythmics and Bossa Futura, amongst others, has resulted in her sensitive and artistic approach to photographing this elusive character.

These works are introduced to the photographic market for the first time and works will be for sale in limited editions and as unique hand finished originals and represent a unique opportunity for Collectors of Dylan related Artwork and Memorabilia.

A publication with a foreword written by Dave Stewart, who is also featured in a number of the photographs, will also be available.

Extract from Dave Stewart's Foreword for
'Blood in My Eyes' catalogue

'When I first met Ana Maria Velez I noticed she was incredibly attentive to details in everything she did whether it was her guitar playing, her specific singing style, dance, movement and in conversation. Ana told me later she was a photographer and actually came to the UK by winning a photographic contest in her home country Colombia. Over the years I got to know and love Ana's sense of humor along with her lack or fear and ability to tackle anything from opening a Eurythmics show to cooking for 20 people at ten minutes notice! So when I was out filming Bob Dylan by myself in Camden Town only armed with two 8mm cine cameras and Bob in a Top Hat (we also had no security, that's another story) I decided this should be documented as it was becoming quite surreal. We had been filming for about an hour then we had a 5 minute break and a cup of tea outside a cafe, I seized the opportunity to call the one person I knew I could rely on and would drop everything and get to our location in record time - and she did!'....contd...

Dave Stewart - August, 2012
Los Angeles, California

'From the Amazon to Camden Town'

Ana Maria in the Amazon
Extract from Ana María's story for 'Blood in My Eyes' Catalogue

It was the morning of July 21st 1993 when I got a call from Dave Stewart. He sounded excited but in his characteristically laidback manner told me Bob Dylan had called him at 4am wanting him to film and direct a video for one of the tracks of his new forthcoming Album 'World Gone Wrong', and he asked me if I could come along and shoot some stills.

48 hours before, I had been in the heart of the Colombian Amazon on a photo and personal journey I had undertaken on my own - I guess Dave is right to say I am fearless!

I still had the musty smell of the jungle and my photo equipment was in a plastic milk canteen I had used as a photo bag. This was a preventative measure so that my photo equipment would float in the event we overturned in any of the small canoe journeys through the small islands in the swamps of the Amazon River.

I was still in bed when Dave called so I got up quickly and transformed my photo bag into a 'first world package', took a taxi, got some film, and went straight to Dave's recording studio in Crouch End, The Church Studios.

It was there that Dave introduced me to Bob Dylan... (Contd...)

All images © Ana María Vélez Wood 2015